Small Group

The Power of God

2 March 2008

“Help Melissa get better and get out of the hospital soon.”

Prayer by 9 year old Stephen Mashburn

Stephen started saying this very soon after Melissa McCoy’s accident. This was a time when we were not even sure of her survival. We also “knew” that if she did survive, she was going to spend months and months in hospitals recovering and rehabbing.

I am a practical person. In this instance, I was not going to pray for something I “knew” was not going to happen. There was no way she was getting out of the hospital soon. No one believed it possible. However, Stephen prayed it.

One night as I was sitting with him while he was praying this, I considered telling him he might not want to pray that. I would tell him that there was really no way that was going to happen so you might just focus on the getting better part. Thank God I did not tell him that and let him continue to pray that she get out of the hospital soon.

After a huge car crash involving a head injury, after her very life was teetering on the edge, Melissa was released from the hospital less than 2 months after the wreck. In my opinion, she got “out of the hospital soon.”

To Stephen, God is GOD. He can do anything. I needed to be reminded of that. How often I limit what I believe God will do. Thank you for your faith, Stephen, you have helped your Dad remember how mighty our God is.

Do What I Can

16 December 2007

I am really struggling to write something this week. My weight loss has been such a small issue to me this past week as I have tried to help my friends Roman, Melissa, Austin and Taylor McCoy. My mind has been all over the place. All the days from this past week have really run together.

I am certainly no counselor or someone who has great words of wisdom. However, I feel God has lead me to just be there and be available to this family. I am just around and do my best to be helpful when it is needed. The McCoy family is awesome and it has been pure joy to serve them.

I totally acknowledge the fact that I am in a unique position right now that I am able to give a lot of my time. I am certain that many others, if in my position, would be doing the same thing. So I am nothing special.

So many people have done so many things. All your prayers have enveloped them. Your gifts have touched them. Your words have encouraged them. Praise God for creating the church family!

Post Confession

5 November 2006

I did it. I stepped out and confessed something to my small group of men last Thursday I did not want anyone else to know.

I was nervous. My voice was shaky. I got all red in the face. I did not want to do it. Why did I?

As I said last time, I did it for the sole reason that it would help me live life to full. So, did it?

Few things it did that I can think of right now. First, it showed the guys in my group I trust them. I laid out something I wanted no one to know and trusted them that no one else would know.

Second, it revealed a little more of myself to my group. I laid out a sin to them showing that I struggle, just as they do. It also gave me some credibility to the group to know they can lay things in front of me as well.

Third, I revealed a sin that I now have accountability for. Just knowing I have to answer to these guys helps me not to give into temptation.

And fourth, it allowed my group to show me the love of Christ. I am still loved and accepted by this group even in my sin.

Do I feel a little more life to the full? Well, remembering that life to the full is a way of traveling and not a destination, I would say “Yup.” And it was worth it.


22 October 2006

I have been involved in a small group of men now for many months. I have shared many things within that group like things I struggle with in my walk. However, nothing I have shared has really made me feel uncomfortable. Nothing I have shared would really expose me if the groups trust was broken.

I have never confessed anything like that under the idea that I do not have anything. The fact is, I do not have any “big” hidden sin to confess. After examining myself some, I do have sin to confess to my group. Again, nothing “big” by the world’s standards, but it is sin I don’t want anyone to know about.

So, I am going to do it. My next meeting I am going to confess a sin in my life to my group. I am nervous about it. I don’t want to do it.

Why in the world am I gonna do it? I am going on faith that confession helps lead to “life to the full.”