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Do What I Can

16 December 2007

I am really struggling to write something this week. My weight loss has been such a small issue to me this past week as I have tried to help my friends Roman, Melissa, Austin and Taylor McCoy. My mind has been all over the place. All the days from this past week have really run together.

I am certainly no counselor or someone who has great words of wisdom. However, I feel God has lead me to just be there and be available to this family. I am just around and do my best to be helpful when it is needed. The McCoy family is awesome and it has been pure joy to serve them.

I totally acknowledge the fact that I am in a unique position right now that I am able to give a lot of my time. I am certain that many others, if in my position, would be doing the same thing. So I am nothing special.

So many people have done so many things. All your prayers have enveloped them. Your gifts have touched them. Your words have encouraged them. Praise God for creating the church family!

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