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The Power of God

“Help Melissa get better and get out of the hospital soon.”

Prayer by 9 year old Stephen Mashburn

Stephen started saying this very soon after Melissa McCoy’s accident. This was a time when we were not even sure of her survival. We also “knew” that if she did survive, she was going to spend months and months in hospitals recovering and rehabbing.

I am a practical person. In this instance, I was not going to pray for something I “knew” was not going to happen. There was no way she was getting out of the hospital soon. No one believed it possible. However, Stephen prayed it.

One night as I was sitting with him while he was praying this, I considered telling him he might not want to pray that. I would tell him that there was really no way that was going to happen so you might just focus on the getting better part. Thank God I did not tell him that and let him continue to pray that she get out of the hospital soon.

After a huge car crash involving a head injury, after her very life was teetering on the edge, Melissa was released from the hospital less than 2 months after the wreck. In my opinion, she got “out of the hospital soon.”

To Stephen, God is GOD. He can do anything. I needed to be reminded of that. How often I limit what I believe God will do. Thank you for your faith, Stephen, you have helped your Dad remember how mighty our God is.

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