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Listening To God

I went to a database conference last week in Houston. I was in a class there and the instructor was a young man that worked for the database company who obviously struggles with food as I do.

A thought popped into my head that I should contact him and offer him something. Of course, he lives in another state so I don’t feel I have a whole lot to offer other than sharing my weight loss story with him. I kinda put the thought aside and did not think much about it after that.

It came back to my mind while I had a couple of hours to kill in the airport. Of course by this time I was questioning the whole idea. I can only image being contacted by a complete stranger to talk about my weight. So I was questioning if this was from God or just some idea that I came up with. So I asked God, “Is this something you want me to do?”

What came into my mind this time was “You already know what you are suppose to do.” So I did it. I wrote him an e-mail and just offered what little I have. I don’t know if I will ever hear from him, but I feel like I did what I was suppose to do.

Spiritual Walk, Weight Loss Journey

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