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Going Well

17 February 2010

My weight loss journey has had a couple of great weeks. God has really blessed me with control and weight loss.

Two Sunday’s ago was the Super Bowl. We had some family in town and we spent the day at my brother’s house. Of course, Super Bowl means lots of good food (though, usually not good for losing weight) and our day was no exception. However, with the help of my wife, I took several food items for myself to eat and that made the day very good. I had plenty to eat, was able to keep myself from eating the bad stuff, and stayed on my plan. I was actually down in weight the next day!

Since that time, things have been rocking. Pounds have come off and I have been blessed with lots of control. This morning I weighed in at 208.

This past Sunday I was dealing with a cold and lost all sense of smell and taste. When you cannot enjoy the taste of food, it really shows you how much of your eating is driven by hunger and how much is driven by the desire to eat. All day long I had no desire to eat since I could not taste. All day I only ate pretzels, crackers and a little soup. I did not eat because I wanted to, only because I was very hungry and had to eat something. If someone wanted to create a magic weight loss pill, just make one that takes away your senses of taste and smell. That is some of the easiest dieting I have ever done.

I thank God for his continued faithfulness to me.

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2 Comments to “Going Well”

  1. Your recommitment and a realization that I had stopped almost completely getting exercise prompted me to get back on that stepper: WOW for a few days my legs could tell it, too. I had to break down what I was stepping a long time back into 4 segments. With a change in what I was eating & getting back in action, I have dropped a little in pounds.—the left “limp” leg is playing havoc with me but it is getting better. Now, you are causing your mother-in-law to recommit, too, so I guess your example is hitting more of us!!! THANKS, CRAIG

  2. What a powerful realization…to discover that we eat because we want to, not because we hunger.

    One of the curses of living in the land of plenty.

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