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Testing My Patience

In my previous post, I stated how well things were going and that I was down to 208 pounds. Not two days after that, my patience was tested.

For some reason, I went up two pounds to 210 in one day. I track all my eating and looking back on that day, I had eaten well. Nothing out of the ordinary. I was on my plan. But for some reason, I went up two pounds.

I was okay, I figured it was just an anomaly and it would quickly fix itself as long as I stayed on track. I was wrong. I went even higher up to 212 the net couple of days.

Are you kidding me? I am doing everything right and my weight is increasing. This was testing me. Am I gonna freak out, get angry and give up? Or am I going to keep going on and trust that it will work out. Honestly, my thoughts went back and forth between those two things. But in the end, I stayed calm and patient.

As of today, I am back to 209. Still needing lots of patience since I am not even back to where I was two weeks ago. But I am good.

So my question is, was God behind this testing or was it just something that happened? I guess I do not really know the answer to that, but I do know this… God is using this time to help me grow (I mean spiritually, not physically).

My prayer for a long time has been to take my desire to eat away. I would much rather be in a place where I had to eat rather that constantly wanting to eat. I fear, though, that this is my “Thorn in the flesh” that I will have to deal with the rest of my life. Right now, I am at peace with that and this recent testing helped a lot.

I have the rest of my life to lose the weight. My battle is not the weight, but the control food has over me. Only God should have that kind of control. The weight loss is simply a side effect.

Spiritual Walk, Weight Loss Journey

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  1. Since I am in this fight with you, I see the same thing day to day. I was down three more pounds one day, over the next and down 1.8 the next. I think the answer is to have faith that you are doing your very best and only weigh once weekly. Otherwise it will drive you nuts. All you can do is your best. God is who determines in your body what it needs to do . . . drop weight, hold on to fluids, drop the fluids, build muscle or what ever. All you can do is your best and let God do the rest. I challenge you to go two weeks without weighing and do your best and trust God with your weight loss.

  2. Roman, waiting 2 weeks to weigh is another temptation of mine!!! I’m down a litle —at least as of this morning I was, but tomorrow night I have 11 ladies to come for dinner and fellowhip.A full evening meal will probably set me back again. Besides, if there is food left here, I know who will eat it! Finger bite size foods have to be ignored and power to resist is very weak. I keep stepping and hope this will help along with the “left alone” snacks!

  3. I desire for food to lose its power over me.

    Weight loss is not the goal but an outward sign of foods control (or lack of control!).

    If I do not lose, I am eating more that I need. I eat more than I need, food has control.

    This is no longer about weight loss but about what or who I want to have control over me.

    I commit to pray before I eat ANYTHING.

    Friday nights will have to change for me. I cannot allow food to control me for even one night. This does not mean not going out and eating good food, it means being in control of how much I eat.

    Am I allowed to enjoy food? I will never “need” a piece of cake, but can I have it sometime to enjoy it? Only if I am not allowing it to control me. Praying before eating will hopefully reveal more clarity on this.

    Craig 2/2009

    Brother I know it easy for me to remind you of this and hard for us to live it. Rest in the peace of the Lord. Have you been praying before meals? In the above email you mentioned that Friday nights would have to change. Have they? I love ya man.

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