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I have never been successful at not gaining weight when I travel. It has just been too hard to do my diet. Usually, I turn off the diet switch when traveling and anything goes.

We spent a few days in Dallas at the beginning of this week (Spring Break) and it was not very different from any other trip (as far as my eating). I did have a few victories I would like to share.

On our way out of town, we stopped at Taco Bell for lunch and I ate off the low calorie Fresca menu. For dinner, we stopped at one of my favorites, Fuddruckers. I went with a buffalo burger which is lower calorie/fat than beef. On top of that, I got full and STOPPED eating with more than 1/4 of my burger left. I also passed on eating Michael’s leftover fries. My normal activity on trips is to never leave anything on my plate or anyone else’s. So feeling full, acknowledging that feeling and stopping my eating was a major victory for me.

Monday morning I was not hungry so I did not even go downstairs in the hotel for breakfast. I do not normally eat breakfast (because I am not hungry for it) but it is hard to pass on FREE food, but I did on Monday. Tuesday, I only had a small bowl of cereal, but I was feeling a bit hungry (or I convinced myself to be hungry).

All the other meals were my normal self where I clean my plate. Twice I can remember going too far and ignoring that I was full. So while this was one of my best vacations ever (in regards to my eating), it was not as good as it could have been.

Last Friday I was back down to 208 and this morning I was at 213. I suspect just eating right for a couple of days will drop that down pretty quickly. I am really desiring to be back below 200 so I am going to be working hard on that.

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  1. I feel your pain. I was covered with thoughts of quitting last night because I had gained over this last week. I did not look at my victories which I should have, I only looked at my failures and so wanted to admit I was a failure and get back to eating like I want. Something kept me going. I think planning ahead might help you and I only say that because it was pointed out to me today. I do well all day till an hour or so after supper when I get snacky. I am told to plan on that snacky time but have something I don’t have to feel guilty about. So I plan on going to the store to find something and plan on eating it if I get snacky and not feel a bit guilty about it. Maybe, as much as you plan for vacation, planning a week or two in advance where you are going to eat and having stuff you can have with you will help.

  2. I thank and praise God for your victories. Your were obviously listening to His voice more often and than not on this trip.
    I am very proud of your progress.


  3. michael mashburn

    you plan the best trips like in10 days til we get to go to SAN DIEGO.
    I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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