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Why Do I Believe In God?

imageThis question popped into my head the other day. After thinking a while, I don’t ever remember myself answering this question. So, I thought I would give it a shot now.

1. First thing that came to mind is “Why not?” Yeah, I answered a question with a question. But it’s true, why not believe in God? Are their any negatives? If I did not believe in God, is there really any way that my life would be better? I can’t think of anything.

2. It just makes sense to me. Some say that all creation just happened? I think that takes more faith than to believe in God the creator.

3. I believe the best possible life is a life of believing in God. Kinda like my first reason, I cannot imagine life being better not believing. Loving God and loving others. There is no better life than that.

4. I have seen evidence. Of course, even the evidence I have seen requires faith. Lives changed, lives saved, miracles, answered prayer. A non believer could say it was all coincidence. I choose to believe otherwise.

That is all I can think of right now.

So tell me, why do you believe in God?

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3 Comments to “Why Do I Believe In God?”

  1. Timothy Greenwood

    I was a Paramedic Craig. I saw GOD every day. From a dying man’s last breath and words to a new born babies cry. It’s undeniable to me to NOT believe in a GOD. A loving caring wonderful omnipotent powerful GOD. It just defies all belief to literally deny belief to me. I believe because I am … I am the sum part of all life has taught me and what a wonderful gift this has been. It wasn’t a gift from my mother and father on earth. Wonderful as they are and have been. It’s a gift from a wonderful creator and I am forever grateful.

  2. Why do I believe in God? Because I have to believe that there is more to this world than just chance; that there is more to joy than just a run of good luck; that there is more to suffering than just pain. If I don’t believe in God – His plan, His sovereignty, His purposes – then I don’t see any reason to fight for anything; I don’t see any reason to get up each day; I don’t see any reason to…well, I really don’t see any reason to do live.

  3. There is a song–“I believe for every drop of rain that falls, a flower grows.”I can’t remember all the words but “every time I hear a new born baby cry, or touch a leaf or see the sky—then I know why I believe!” This world was not BOOMED into being—it was skillfully made. Every part of our body was handled and formed and made to grow by something larger than we are. There is no purpose in life without God–how useless people must feel who do not believe that God has a reason for their being here!HE made the seasons—a time to plant–a time to reap; a time to laugh—a time to cry; a time to embrace–a time to refrane from embracing; a TIME TO LIVE—A TIME TO DIE!!!No GOS—NO LOVE!!!

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