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Stephen, My Son

My oldest son, Stephen, celebrated his 8th birthday last week. Thinking back to when God blessed us with him, I remember realizing that there was NOTHING in my life that was not affected by his birth. Every part of my life, every decision I make, Stephen has weighed in.

The birth of Stephen also taught me some things about God. For example, God’s unconditional love for me. When Stephen was born, I did not love him because he was a great person or because he had anything to offer me. I did not even love him because he loved me. I love him simply because he is mine. No matter what Stephen does, no matter how he treats me or others, no matter if he loves me or not, I will always love him simply because he is mine. Same goes with God for us. No matter how we act, how we treat Him, or even if we love Him or not, He will always love us because we are His.

Stephen is a great kid. He has given me so many other reasons to love him. He is kind, he loves to serve others, he smiles often, he is willing to sacrifice for others, he is thoughtful in his prayers, he is helpful, makes friends easily, he is forgiving, loving and affectionate.

That is a list of things I want to be. Stephen, you make me a better person and I love you very much.

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