Knee Injury

28 October 2011

imageLast Saturday, I hyperextended my knee while playing football at our 5th & 6th grade retreat. Actually, it was ultimate football which is the same as ultimate frisbee, just with a football. I was in a lot of pain when it happened, but since then, it has not been too bad.

I have been really bummed about it. I have never really had an injury like this. Here are some things that went through my head as I was thinking about it…

  • I just got built back up to running 5k non-stop. Now I am going to have to stop running for who know how long and I will be back to where I started. I don’t like running, however, I don’t like not running.
  • Getting around is going to be a real pain.
  • We were suppose to go camping at the Canyon for Michael’s birthday the next Friday night, I doubt I will be able to do that.
  • Do I go to the doctor? It does not hurt real bad. We have a high deductible insurance plan so a doctor visit can get real expensive, real quick.
  • If I don’t go to the doctor, how will I know when it is okay to run again?
  • Even after my knee heals, will I ever be the same? Will I go out at a retreat and play football, or will I think that it is just not worth the risk? Am I going to be scared about this for the rest of my life?

By Sunday night, I was really down because of this list. Monday morning I decided I had to go to a doctor and got an appointment for Wednesday.

As it turns out, the doc suspects that I have a strained PCL ligament. He said most of the time this heals on its own and does not require surgery. That is good news. However, most of my list above is still not addressed. Hopefully more will be address when I go back in two weeks.

My other issue is that I have used this injury as an excuse for eating badly. So not only am I know less active because of the injury, I am eating more calories than normal and that is the recipe for weight gain. I plan to fix this real soon.

So that is where I am at. I have told myself numerous times that God has something to teach me through this injury. If I figure out what that is, I will let you know.

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  1. Anyone ever talked to you about how Gold is purified, how pottery clay is treated prior to molding it? Put your self in the hands of the potter and thank him. Praise in times like this is much more difficult but not less important. I have had numerous injuries like this and they take two to three weeks to heal enough pain subsides. You will know when you need to go to the doctor. Your body will tell you. Locking up of the knee, giving out of the knee, excruciating pain are the signals. Otherwise, worry will do you no good. I have had two knee surgeries and this is what I know. Let other’s wait on you and serve you. Ask for help when needed. You have done let others do. Were you blessed by helping my family and Justin’s. Let others be blessed. If you need anything, call. I am just up the road.

  2. I feel your pain Craig. Literally. I it appears have torn my ACL in my Left Knee. Waiting for further work and diagnosis. I am healing slowly… excruciatingly slowly but it’s happening. Rest and just give GOD’s healing time to work. Roman is right on the money. You have some smart friends, let me tell you. I lost the role in the production I was in due to my injury. And let me tell you after 3 weeks of nonstop work it broke my heart. But I got a different role and just poured myself into the non dancing portion. It’s still fun and I’m still a part of my troupe. Please, while we pray for you Craig, go easy and just heal and relax a little. GOD will work given time. I pray you do well and no surgery is required. Keep us informed as to what to be praying for. Take care my friend.

  3. Michael Mashburn

    I was mad about this because we were gonna go camping and he hurt his foot right before we could go!!!!! 🙁

  4. Michael Mashburn

    I’m not mad anymore!
    CAuse that was like five months ago!
    Love Ya Daddy!!!

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