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Not The Same Anymore

In my past weight loss, I got into a rhythm. I would eat very well all week long, then on Friday’s I would have a splurge meal for dinner. This worked great for me. I lost weight. It gave me something to look forward to each week.

This does not seem to work well anymore.

Last Friday, I was down to 207. I finally broke the 209 I was stuck on for a month. As it so happens, we went out with some friends and I splurged. Not as much as I have in the past, but more calories than I normally have.

I expected to be up in weight for the next day or two. That is the way it always happened and sure enough I was. But now I am here, 6 days later and still sitting at the dreaded 209. It just does not work the same anymore.

I am not sure what to do now. It would be very, very difficult to maintain my normal daily diet without ever having a splurge now and then. Then again, maybe that is what I need. Maybe God is wanting me to show that I control what I eat, it does not control me. I dunno.

I am only 37 days until May 5th when I am suppose to be at 200. It will take a miracle.

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  1. That was God leading you in babysteps knowing you needed that splurge. He is encouraging you to grow past that and rely on him for your joy and splurging.

  2. You and God working together can make that miracle happen!

  3. In Gods name, I believe in miracles myself !!!!!

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