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Nothing Much New

imageNot much to write about concerning my weight loss journey. Again, I have been doing very well on controlling what I eat. I have really focused lately on making sure I am really hungry before I eat anything. The way I do this is that before I get something to eat, I have to tell God that I am really hungry. So I either have to be hungry or choose to lie to God.

My running is also gone extremely well. I finally beat the 29 minute mark with a time of 28:45. Since then, I have been slowing myself down since doing that time just about killed me. I am still getting under 30 minutes every time.

As for my weight, still holding steady. Was at 208 this morning. Looks like I will not be reaching my goal of 200 by May 5th. I am okay with that. I will just keep on doing what I am suppose to do.

Weight Loss Journey

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  1. Michael Mashburn

    Don’t give up, i still believe in you!
    You can do it!
    You are a man of unbelievable things.
    As you told me before,”Your body can do amazing things.”
    You have been doing spectacular on your weight!
    Love Ya!!!!

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