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Avoiding Ruts

rutsWhen you drive down a road with wheel ruts, the ruts really pull you in. It is much more difficult to drive outside the ruts.

Before we left on vacation a couple of weeks ago, I felt like I had been stuck in a rut for a while. The same old things over and over.

Coming back from vacation, without even thinking too much about it, I found myself trying to stay out of those ruts. I was trying to do things differently just to keep things from going back to the ruts. I came home after ten days of no ruts and wanted to try and keep that as long as possible.

One small example, I usually listen to sports radio. I am not a big sports guy, but I liked listening to it. Since coming back home, I have not changed the channel off of Christian music. I  guess a small part of me is worried that is the ruts trying to get me.

The ruts are powerful. They are the easiest place to live and they try to pull you back into them.

I am going to keep trying to stay out of them. Maybe even create some good ruts.

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  1. I have always been told a.rut is a grave without being covered up! Be sure to stay out before getting covered up again!

  2. I found myself doing the same thing after getting back from my trip with Callie. “Trips” out of normal really open my eyes to ruts.

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