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I Have Issues

27 November 2012

My life…

Eating lots of food makes me happy.

Eating lots of food makes me unhappy.

I am very happy WHILE I am eating it. I enjoy it very much. So much that I eat way too much. However, after stopping, I am quite unhappy. Ashamed I ate so much, I feel fat and physically feel uncomfortable.

So doing one thing makes me happy and unhappy.

The problem here is that the happy comes BEFORE the unhappy. All the happy I get makes me not think about the unhappy that is coming. Every time I get to the unhappy, I tell myself I have to remember this before next time. I just never do. Or, I choose to not think about it. I have issues!

Over Thanksgiving, I knew I would be eating food I don’t normally eat. I told myself to just be reasonable. Eat a plate, enjoy it and be satisfied. But no, I have to go back for more and more until I get to the unhappy.

I have a switch. When I turn that switch off and allow myself to eat bad foods, I have trouble turning the switch back on. When the switch is off, I want as much as I can get while it is off!

My prayer during this holiday season is that God will remind me of the unhappy BEFORE the happy and that I will not ignore it.

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3 Comments to “I Have Issues”

  1. I am SOOOO in the exact same predicament. With the same switch.

  2. I’m with you. My switch has been off for over six months. I do currently have my hand on the switch to get healthy again. I just havent turned it on yet. Honestly, because I am fearful of another failure. God help us with our foolishness!

  3. Well said, Craig. I have the very same problem I had just had never thought about it in those terms before. Love you!

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