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Time To Roll… Again

Start Over Renewal Restart Round Red ButtonOne good thing about a weight loss journey, you can always start over. Even when you have failed miserably, you can begin again. Even when you have started over 100 times, there is no problem with starting over the 101st time. In fact, every day is a day to start over.

My last “start over” was January of this year. I had a good run losing 8 pounds. However, I was never able to push past that amount. I got lazy. I got less disciplined. I maintained, but I did not lose. Then, of course, vacation came.

Vacation is when I turn off the switch. My yearly free-for-all. Believe it or not, I think I did better this year than any other. While my meals were not anywhere near calorie controlled, I decided I would not eat between meals. That went pretty well, a few exceptions (think “Vanilla filled churro”), but for the most part, I did okay.

However, I was still up 8 pounds. One week, 8 pounds. Amazing the damage you can do in such a short time. Took me two months to lose it. One week to gain it back.

So, it is time to start over. Start over with my disciplined eating and start over with my running.

As far as running goes, it has been a long time since I ran 5k. I am ready to get that built back up. I am going to roll back my Couch25k app back to week 4 (there are 8) and start from there building back up. I am ready again to be disciplined in my running.

A far as eating, I know how to do it. I know what I can and cannot eat. I know how much I can and cannot eat. I am ready to be disciplined in my eating again.

Time to roll.

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  1. You will come back in full force!!!! Just keep on keeping on!!!!

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