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Two Month Update

27 February 2014

patienceThis month has been successful AND frustrating.

I made a commitment to lose 20 pounds by June 1. That means an average loss of 4 pounds per month. January, I was ahead of schedule. I lost 6 pounds. February, another story. I only lost 2 pounds.

The good news is, I am right on schedule. 8 pounds in two months. The bad news is those last two pounds were very hard. I was eating so well all month, I found it disappointing to only lose 2 pounds. And it makes the next 4 seem like it will be impossible.

I know, I know. I should be rejoicing in the victory God has given me and not worrying about the future. Like I have always said, all I can do is my part. AND, the fact is, I am right on schedule!

So praise God for the loss he has given me. I will do my best to be patient for the rest.

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