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Still Working Hard

4185389_1373369880I have now completed three months of my 5 month commitment to lose 20 pounds. This morning I was down to 214.5. Technically, that is behind schedule as I need to average 4 pounds a month. However, I know that God can still make it happen. Just have to keep doing my part.

As long as I have been on my weight loss journey, you would think I would have learned everything I needed to learn about how it works. But, no, God still keeps teaching me things. Some things over and over.

I had been stuck on 216 for a long time. Finally, two days ago I was down to 215.5. Then, inexplicably, yesterday I was UP to 217. This is usually enough to make me angry. Even though I told myself it was just a fluke and it would be okay, I still was not happy about it. These kind of things can really ruin my day

Sure enough, this morning I was surprised to see the scale sitting at 214.5.

So God is continuing to teach me to be patient and trust in His time. I am really afraid He will have to keep teaching me this, but I think I am getting better at it.

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