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My Weight Loss Journey Questions

3 December 2014

After decades of battling my weight, I have come up with questions (in no particular order)…

Why am I consumed with thoughts of food?

Why am I always thinking about the next time I get to eat?

Why can I not just push food away when I am no longer hungry?

Why do I not ever feel full? Or do I just not recognize the feeling?

Why when I taste something good do I then become obsessed with eating as much of it as I can?

Why can I gain so much weight in just a few days of eating bad, and it takes weeks of eating good to lose it?

Why do I always seem to be hungry or ready to eat?

Why does it have to be so much harder to lose weight the older I get?

Why can I not convince myself that thin feels better than any food tastes?

How do I keep finding the strength for this battle?

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