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Post Confession

5 November 2006

I did it. I stepped out and confessed something to my small group of men last Thursday I did not want anyone else to know.

I was nervous. My voice was shaky. I got all red in the face. I did not want to do it. Why did I?

As I said last time, I did it for the sole reason that it would help me live life to full. So, did it?

Few things it did that I can think of right now. First, it showed the guys in my group I trust them. I laid out something I wanted no one to know and trusted them that no one else would know.

Second, it revealed a little more of myself to my group. I laid out a sin to them showing that I struggle, just as they do. It also gave me some credibility to the group to know they can lay things in front of me as well.

Third, I revealed a sin that I now have accountability for. Just knowing I have to answer to these guys helps me not to give into temptation.

And fourth, it allowed my group to show me the love of Christ. I am still loved and accepted by this group even in my sin.

Do I feel a little more life to the full? Well, remembering that life to the full is a way of traveling and not a destination, I would say “Yup.” And it was worth it.

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