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Checking Out

19 November 2006

When I get home from a day of work, all I want to do is plop down in front of the TV and vegetate. I have been using my brain all day, so now I just want to stop and do something that requires nothing of me. Sounds logical and perfectly justifiable, right?

Well, my problem with this is I have two young sons. This time in their lives is some of the most important time I will ever get to spend with them. It has really hit me recently that I have precious little time with my kids to pass on my values and convictions and to lead them to Jesus. Am I going to give up this time to watch TV?

Another problem with this is that if I want these boys to be like me, is this what I want them to be doing? Do I want them to come home and check out?

I am not saying that TV is all wrong, but I am saying I need to more closely regulate my usage. I am also not saying that this time will be spent in long discussions, but as I have learned, time together is time to rub off on each other. Teaching moments can come up all the time. I need to take advantage of those.

So, it is time I leave the TV off and spend more time with my sons. I know I will not be perfect at this, but I am going try my best.

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