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16 October 2005

This is my inaugural bulletin article here at Southwest. What I am going to fill these few inches of space with every other week is still a mystery to me. I have never written any articles on a regular basis so I am just trusting in God to provide. I suspect I will be sharing my thoughts, struggles, observations and perhaps information about the ministry I serve in.

Let me just say here from the beginning that I am truly humbled and honored to have this space. The word “inadequate” keeps popping in my head. Actually I know I am inadequate and that is why I am counting on God to use the words here to perhaps give you something to think about or ponder with me.

Like most people, I feel like my thoughts and opinions represent a lot of other people’s thoughts and opinions. So naturally, I feel like there are others who are struggling with the same things I struggle with spiritually. While I do not guarantee answers or solutions here, I hope shining light on these things may be a small step towards more Christ-likeness.

I am really looking forward to this journey with you.


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