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Making Friends

13 November 2005

My oldest son Stephen is seven and he can make a friend in just minutes. When we decided to move to Amarillo, I knew he would have no trouble making new friends at school and church. After meeting someone, in no time at all, he is playing, laughing and talking with his new friend. It’s amazing.

I, on the other hand, struggle a whole lot with this. I am naturally an introvert. I worry with simple things like what impression I am making and what to talk about. Sometimes I am so focused on what I am going to say next that I forget a person’s name right after they tell me.

My natural reaction to this is to run away from it. If I avoid people, then I avoid this discomfort. Course, the problem with this is avoiding people leads to loneliness. I have tried to cure my loneliness with my family, and while it does help, I realize deep down that I need more. I need friends.

So now we know our problem and the problem it causes. I wish I had some easy fix for us introverts, but I don’t. All I can say is pray and allow God to stretch you beyond your comfort zone. I am pretty sure the reward will be worth the price.

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